Baltic Backline Rental offers to hire variety of pro-level drum sets in various sizes, colours and styles – DW, Yamaha, Tama, Pearl, Gretsch, Ludwig, Sonor.

YamahaRecording Custom10×10Tom Tom1xSolid Black
YamahaRecording Custom12×10Tom Tom1xSolid Black
YamahaRecording Custom13×11Tom Tom1xSolid Black
YamahaRecording Custom14×12Tom Tom1xSolid Black
YamahaRecording Custom16×16Floor Tom1xSolid Black
YamahaRecording Custom18×16Floor Tom1xSolid Black
YamahaRecording Custom22×16Bass Drum2xSolid Black
YamahaMaple Custom Absolute10×9Tom Tom1xSea Blue
YamahaMaple Custom Absolute12×10Tom Tom1xSea Blue
YamahaMaple Custom Absolute13×11Tom Tom1xSea Blue
YamahaMaple Custom Absolute14×12Tom Tom1xSea Blue
YamahaMaple Custom Absolute15×13Tom Tom1xSea Blue
YamahaMaple Custom Absolute16×16Floor Tom1xSea Blue
YamahaMaple Custom Absolute18×16Floor Tom1xSea Blue
YamahaMaple Custom Absolute20×16Bass Drum1xSea Blue
YamahaMaple Custom Absolute24×16Bass Drum2xSea Blue
YamahaStage Custom12×10Tom Tom1xHoney Amber
YamahaStage Custom13×11Tom Tom1xHoney Amber
YamahaStage Custom16×16Floor Tom1xHoney Amber
YamahaStage Custom22×16Bass Drum1xHoney Amber
PearlReference10×7Tom Tom1xPiano Black
PearlReference12×8Tom Tom1xPiano Black
PearlReference13×9Tom Tom1xPiano Black
PearlReference14×12Floor Tom1xPiano Black
PearlReference16×14Floor Tom1xPiano Black
PearlReference22×18Bass Drum1xPiano Black
DWCollector’s Series8×7Tom Tom1xSatin Oil Ebony
DWCollector’s Series10×8Tom Tom1xSatin Oil Ebony
DWCollector’s Series12×9Tom Tom1xSatin Oil Ebony
DWCollector’s Series14×11Floor Tom1xSatin Oil Ebony
DWCollector’s Series16×13Floor Tom1xSatin Oil Ebony
DWCollector’s Series22×18Bass Drum1xSatin Oil Ebony
TamaStarclassic Maple8×8Tom Tom1xRoyal Walnut
TamaStarclassic Maple10×10Tom Tom1xRoyal Walnut
TamaStarclassic Maple12×11Tom Tom1xRoyal Walnut
TamaStarclassic Maple14×13Tom Tom1xRoyal Walnut
TamaStarclassic Maple20×18Bass Drum1xRoyal Walnut
GretschCatalina Club12×8Tom Tom1xWhite Chocolate
GretschCatalina Club14×14Floor Tom1xWhite Chocolate
GretschCatalina Club18×14Bass Drum1xWhite Chocolate
GretschNew Classic10×8Tom Tom1xVintage Glass
GretschNew Classic12×9Tom Tom1xVintage Glass
GretschNew Classic14×14Floor Tom1xVintage Glass
GretschNew Classic22×18Bass Drum1xVintage Glass
LudwigClassic Maple10×7Tom Tom1xVintage White Marine
LudwigClassic Maple12×8Tom Tom1xVintage White Marine
LudwigClassic Maple13×9Tom Tom1xVintage White Marine
LudwigClassic Maple14×14Floor Tom1xVintage White Marine
LudwigClassic Maple16×16Floor Tom1xVintage White Marine
LudwigClassic Maple20×14Bass Drum1xVintage White Marine
LudwigClassic Maple22×14Bass Drum1xVintage White Marine
SonorDesigner Series10×10Tom Tom1xBubinga
SonorDesigner Series12×12Tom Tom1xBubinga
SonorDesigner Series14×14Tom Tom1xBubinga
SonorDesigner Series16×16Floor Tom1xBubinga
SonorDesigner Series20×18Bass Drum1xBubinga
SonorDelite Series10×8Tom Tom1xWalnut Roots
SonorDelite Series12×9Tom Tom1xWalnut Roots
SonorDelite Series16×16Floor Tom1xWalnut Roots
SonorDelite Series22×17.5Bass Drum1xWalnut Roots