Baltic Backline Rental offers to hire variety of pro-level drum hardware – single pedals, double pedals, cymbal stands, snare stands, throne, accessories etc.

Single Pedals
DWSingle PedalChainDWCP5000AD3
DWSingle PedalChainDWCP5000AD4
TamaSingle PedalChain – Iron Cobra – Power GlideHP900PSN
YamahaSingle PedalChain – Flying DragonFP9310
YamahaSingle PedalChainFP8500C
YamahaSingle PedalChainFP850
YamahaSingle PedalChainFP7210A
Double Pedals
DWDouble PedalChainDWCP9002PC
YamahaDouble PedalChain – Flying DragonDFP9315
PearlDouble PedalChain – EliminatorP2002C
PearlDouble PedalChain – DemonP3002C
Hi-Hat Stands
DWHi-Hat Stand3 legDWCP5500D
DWHi-Hat Stand2 legDWCP5500TD
DWHi-Hat Stand2 legDWCP9500TB
TamaHi-Hat Stand2 leg – Iron CobraHH905N
YamahaHi-Hat Stand3 legHS840
YamahaHi-Hat Stand2 legHS1100
YamahaHi-Hat Stand2 legHS1200D
YamahaHi-Hat Stand3 legHS740
PearlHi-Hat Stand2 leg – EliminatorH2000
SonorHi-Hat Stand3 legHH674MC
Cymbal Stands
DWCymbal StandBoom StandDWCP9700
TamaCymbal StandBoom Stand – Road Pro SeriesHC73BWN
TamaCymbal StandStraight Stand – Road Pro SeriesHC72WN
TamaCymbal StandHeavy Stand – Road Pro SeriesHC74BWN
YamahaCymbal StandBoom StandCS745
YamahaCymbal StandBoom StandCS755
YamahaCymbal StandBoom StandCS845
YamahaCymbal StandBoom StandCS865
YamahaCymbal StandStraight StandCS840
YamahaCymbal StandBoom StandCS965
YamahaCymbal StandHeavy StandCS925
PearlCymbal StandBoom StandB1030
SonorCymbal StandBoom StandDCS678MC
Snare Stands
DWSnare StandDWCP9300
TamaSnare StandRoad Pro SeriesHS70WN
YamahaSnare StandSS740
YamahaSnare StandSS840
YamahaSnare StandSS950
PearlSnare StandS1030
SonorSnare StandSS677MC
DWThroneRound – Hydraulic – Back Rest
TamaThroneRound – Screw
TamaThroneRider – Screw
TamaThroneRider – Screw – Back Rest
YamahaThroneRound – ScrewDS840
YamahaThroneSquare – ScrewDS950
PearlThroneRound – ScrewD1000N
t.akustikDrum Shield5 panelDS5-5